Just because..

Posted on July 13, 2011

Such a bad night.

I actually was feeling good this morning. Did something nice, ate something delicious, drank something sweet.. just a normal happy morning. I was even humming a cheery song until late in the evening, while I was doing bloghops. But this day didn’t end right.

I was going through a friend’s blog. Reading her posts and the comments. I came across this one comment which made my heart skip a beat. Not because I was thrilled to read it, but because I was hurt. Deeply hurt.

People see me as a strong person. They see me as this very cheery person, who is smiling all the time. Yes, that’s what I am. I love to laugh. I love to smile. I love to live life. I just know how to handle myself when I have problems. So people would see me as “invulnerable”… which is the exact opposite of what I am.

I’m crying now.. It really hurts… ‘coz these people are my friends. :(


Just because I smile a lot, doesn’t mean that I don’t get hurt.

Just because I laugh often, doesn’t mean that I don’t have pain.

Just because I let things go easily, doesn’t mean that I don’t mourn.

Just because I laugh at your jokes, doesn’t mean that you can be insensitive.

Just because I forgive easily, doesn’t mean that you can bully me.


I guess, this day wasn’t meant to end right. :(

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